Mushegh is a courageous and professional artist. In his dance, the audience always feels his strong character, perseverance and will to win, the athleticism and endurance of this artist can only be envied.

Mushegh also proved his skills in such competitions as:

  • 2012 “Renaissance” 4th international contest-festival of the musician performers, Gold medalist, 
  • 2016 “Young Performer” ballet competition in Voronezh, Gold medalist,
  • 2017 “Tanzolymp”, Berlin, Germany, Finalist diplomant,
  • 2019 Vakhtang Chabukiani Tbilisi 6th International Choreographic Festival-Competition, Gold medalist,
  • 2019 International Dance Comptetion, Spoleto, Italy, Finalist diplomant,
  • 2019 Global International Dance Competition, Finalist diplomant,
  • 2020 “Arabesque 2020”, Finalist diplomant.